Enrolment Enquiry

Being part of a tight knit community gives our students a sense of belonging from an early age. This is what some of our parents have to say about Holy Family Primary School…

“We’ve always had very positive relationships with teachers. At the start of this year we met with the teacher to talk about areas to focus on and we all agreed she’s bright academically, but could work on building her confidence in herself and to speak up. She was encouraged to try out for house captain so she had to stand up speak in front of everyone. We received a handwritten note to tell us how well she spoke and how proud we would be of her. They’re always going above and beyond.” – Holy Family parent

“The community is very welcoming. Over the years I’ve always been involved and some of my closest friends now I’ve made through the school.” – Holy Family parent

“For a big school they’re very focused on providing that one-on-one attention to students and families. They’re consistently working on the student’s growth and building relationships.” – Holy Family parent