Last updated on 8 May 2024

Welcome parents and friends to our Community Council Page!

Here you will find details about the Community Council (formerly Parents & Friends Committee) events and other community news, including ParentsLine ACT support information. This page is updated regularly. If you have anything you would like included, please send it to Carmel Sefian at by COB Friday of each week.   

Transition to new Community Council 2024

A message from our Principal, Kate Markcrow

22 February 2024

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the work that both the School Board and the P&F have contributed in making our school such a vibrant community. It is well known in the wider community that we have a strong partnership with families, and this is something we do not want to lose. 

From 2024 there will be some minor changes to our structures, with name changes having a heavy impact on our bodies. As such moving forward, the Board will now be known as the Schools Community Council Executive (CCE) and the P&F will be known as the Community Council Working Groups (CCWG). 

One of the main point of difference is that the Community Council Executive will manage the old Parents & Friends (P&F) account. 

To ensure that there has been an equal voice in the transition process, the questionnaire was distributed last year, and all members of both bodies were invited to a working group to work through the process. This was then finalised at a meeting earlier this year with Michelle Deavin (School Board Chair) and Abby Selkirk (P&F President) Kate Markcrow and Jane Hart in attendance. The membership of the Community Council executive was then finalised. 

As such the Council Executive will now comprise of:

Chair – Michelle Deavin

Deputy Chair – Kerrie Martain

Treasurer – Jason Cornelius

Parent Reps – Rachel Horsburgh and Anna Glyntzos

ELC Reps – Sally Gibson (Director) and Parent Member of the ELC Working Group (TBD)

Community Council Lead or their delegate (TBD)

Principal – Kate Markcrow

Assistant Principal – Jane Hart

Parish Priest – Fr James Antony

Teacher Representative – Alex Knight

Meetings will be held once per term and there will be open meetings throughout the year whereby anyone from the Community Council (whole parent community Yrs P – 6) can attend. 

The CCWG will still hold their meetings in Week 3 and 7 each term unless otherwise deemed non-essential. The Week 3 meeting has fed into the CCE meeting’s agenda and the Week 7 meeting will discuss decisions made at the CCE meeting. 

The Working Groups will consist of:





Book Club

They will be overseen by a CCWG Lead.

The first meeting at the CCE will discuss the Yearly plan for 2024 and will then be discussed at the first CCWG meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are still in transition mode and there are probably many questions to answer and procedures to iron out.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea


Volunteers Needed

If you are looking to get more involved in the school community and can spare any time to help prepare and serve food at our canteen, we would very much appreciate a hand. Our canteen can only run with the help of a network of volunteers from our school community working together.  

It's easy and fun work with on-the-job training and you can dedicate as much or as little time as you like. We have two important shifts “The Power Hour” and “The Hot 30” but any time that you have we are happy to find you something to do.

Please have a look at the Signup Sheet link and see where you can help. All volunteers’ efforts are rewarded plenty of tea or coffee and lots of conversation.

You do need to have your WWVP card on you when you are at the school and please don't forget to pop into the office and sign-in on arrival.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Canteen Manager, Felicity Mclachlan via the email below or pop into the Canteen for a chat!

Winter Menu 2024 - Now Available!


Lunch Orders will be available as usual through QKR.
Both Recess and Lunch ordering is required by 9 am on the day of service. Please make sure you order from the relevant menu as snacks purchased from the ‘lunch menu’ will be provided at lunch eating time, not in the morning recess break session.

The Canteen is open from Wednesday to Friday. Our updated summer menu is full of nutritious meals.

You can contact us in the canteen at or via the school office
Wed-Fri 8:30 am-2:00 pm.

Youth Boys Netball

Come and Try Day, Saturday, 18 May 2024


NEW Foundation Pilates at Gowrie


Parentline ACT

Parentline ACT is launching a new support program for working mums and those returning to workforce. Further information below:


Parentline ACT continues to provide free telephone and face-to-face/Zoom counselling services and support to parents and caregivers. Call the number below or contact: ParentlineACT