Preschool Enrolments

Each year, the Catholic Education Office announces the official enrolment period for its schools. The Enrolment period for Preschool for 2018 is Monday 7 May–Friday 25 May. Parents wishing to enrol their child at preschool should obtain an enrolment pack from the preschool. Office is open from 8.30-4.00pm Monday to Friday. Enrolment forms can also be downloaded from the Catholic Education website at ACT Schools Enrolment Page. A $50 application fee applies to EACH Enrolment Form Submitted. A $100 bond is also paid on enrolment. $100 will be credited from the first preschool fees in Term1, 2019.

Open Days

Holy Family Early Learning Centre will be holding an Open Day on Wednesday 8th May from 9.30am to-11.30am. The ELC will hold two evening presentations on Tuesday 8th May 6.30pm-7.30pm and Thursday 17th May 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Feeder Schools

Our Early Learning Centre has 3 feeder primary schools. Children residing in the suburbs of Gowrie, Fadden, Chisolm, Royalla, Macarthur, Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and Gilmore may attend Holy Family ELC then attend Holy Family Primary School Gowrie. Children residing in the suburbs of Conder, Banks and Gordon may attend Holy Family ELC then attend St Clare of Assisi Primary School Conder. Children residing in the suburbs of Calwell, Isabella Plains, Theodore and Richardson may attend Holy Family ELC then attend St Francis of Assisi Primary School Calwell.

Enrolment Requirements 

When submitting an enrolment form, parents must provide the preschool with a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate (where applicable), a copy of the birth certificate or other proof of age, Australian residency if applicable and the child’s Immunisation Record.  We accept children only if they have turned four by April 30 in the year of enrolment.

While we will accept children from families that are not Catholic, it is expected that parents of such children accept the values of the school and participate in the Religious Education Program and liturgical celebrations. At the end of the enrolment period, all applications will be considered and offers will be posted to families in June 2018. Parents and children will be invited for an interview with the ELC Director and Principal at either Holy Family ELC, St Clare of Assisi, Conder or St Francis of Assisi, Calwell.


From 2 July 2018, there will be a new Child Care Package. The package includes a new Child Care Subsidy which replaces the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. Transitioning to the new Child Care Subsidy is not an automatic roll over from the two current payments. You must provide some new information and confirm your current details using your Centrelink online accounts through myGov. Click here for further information.

Fee Policy & Structure

Holy Family Early Learning Centre is a privately funded centre. We do not draw on any government funding for student places. Attendance at our Centre is based on parent’s capacity to pay the assigned fees. We are unable to offer fee remission.

Preschool Fees are payable two weeks in advance unless the Director has authorised a different payment structure (i.e. weekly payments for low income families). The first account will be emailed to families in mid-January. This account (the first two weeks of preschool) will need to be paid before school commences in 2019. Accounts will be emailed on a fortnightly basis.

Fees for the Before and After School Program and Preschool Program will be charged during School Terms only (i.e. for 40 weeks). Fees will be charged during periods of absence i.e. illness or family holidays during school terms. Fees can be paid either by Eftpos, Direct Deposit or by Credit Card Authorisation. If an account becomes more than one billing cycle in arrears (2 weeks), the family will be contacted by the Centre Director. If the account becomes more than $1200 in arrears, the child’s attendance at the Centre will be suspended until the account is cleared. Debt collection services will be undertaken for  the recovery of unpaid fees. 

Resource Fee Per Child Per Term $55
Excursion Fee Per Child Per Term $20
Preschool Per Day $69
Before School Care Per Session $20
After School Care Per Session $31
Vacation Care Per Session $76

Preschool is available Monday  - Friday each week or 3 days a week part time.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

Child Care Benefit is a payment from the Australian Government that helps families with the cost of childcare. The CCB is a direct reduction off the weekly fees. This is applied to the account so parents that are eligible for CCB will only pay the gap. Parents receiving the Child Care Benefit can have up to 42 allowable absences each financial year. If a child has more than 42 absent days without a Doctor’s Certificate they may lose their Child Care Benefit.

Child Care Rebate (CCR)

Child Care Rebate assists parents or guardians with out-of-pocket expenses for approved childcare. This is not means tested. Out of pocket expenses are total childcare fees less Child Care Benefit. Child Care Rebate covers 50% of out of pocket childcare expenses. As of 6 July 2011, the CCR will be paid to families (or the centre) this is a choice of the claiming parent, either weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or annually. This will mean that families will only have to pay the gap fee.

Both the CCB & CCR are based on a financial year, July – June therefore if you have received the rebate at a centre prior to commencing at the ELCC in February, the previous7 months is calculated the rebate. 

For the centre to reduce a family’s fee, parents must provide the Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) for both their child and themselves. For more information or to apply for CCB and CCR parents need to contact the Family Assistance Office at 136 150. Click here for further information.