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Holy Family School Board Minutes FebruarySchool Board

The Holy Family School Board plays a vital role in the behind the scenes functioning of our school. The main functions of the School Board are concerned with the maintenance of the Catholic ethos of the school, management of school finances and the development of school policy on matters such as enrolments and school fees. The School Board is elected annually and consists of members representing all stakeholder groups within our school community. The Board meets once a month for important discussions and the minutes for each meeting are posted under the Board Shorts banner.


The 2018 Holy Family School Board Members:

Chairperson:Brett Mulvey

Deputy Chairperson : Jodie Norris

Treasurer:David Morgan

Secretary:Carrie Nicol 

Parish Priest: Fr James

School Principal: Anne-Marie Marek

Assistant Principal: Leah Taylor

P & F Rep: Ian Seretin

Parent Rep: Jodie Norris

Parent Rep: Melinda Jess

Staff Rep: Lucy Gibson

Staff Rep: Jessica Salcedo

ELCC Rep: Michelle Dudley

COOSH Rep: Jessica Pedemont

Holy Family Board-Minutes-Feb

Holy Family School Board Mins 4 April 2018