The Holy Family School library is a welcoming, vibrant and inviting learning centre, playing a vital role in delivering an English component of the the Australian Curriculum to our students. Our library offers an extensive collection of resources for students and teachers from picture books, to fiction and nonfiction texts, to reference materials, teacher resources and online resources. The library uses ‘Oliver’, a web based library system that enables anyone to search the catalogue at school or at home. Use and access Oliver by clicking on this link. The Lexile Framework collection is housed in the Library for students in Yrs 3 - 6. 

The library is open daily from 8.30am to 3.30pm. At lunchtimes students are also able to visit the library to participate in Chess Club and creative activities such as reading, drawing, playing board games, construction and jigsaw puzzles. The bank of computers permanently located in the library also offers students in Years 3 – 6 the use of Mathletics at lunchtimes.  

Each class is timetabled to attend library lessons every week. Students are provided with many opportunities for exploring literature and developing skills. Our library promotes a reading culture of sharing and fostering the love of literature in ways that help develop positive attitudes to reading.  Information literacy skills are taught across all year levels from Kindergarten to Year 6 and are integrated throughout the Australian Curriculum.


There are always creative displays in the library celebrating various events throughout the year, for example, The International Year of Reading, Centenary of Canberra, Book Week, Anzac Day, Mother’s Day etc. Holy Family’s school library belongs to everyone in the community – it is the heart of the school! It is a place where students and staff know they will be welcomed, inspired and challenged, where they can develop a love of learning, an enjoyment of reading and a love of books.

 Our Library Catalogue can be accessed using Oliver by clicking on this link.