September 2014

As we near the end of the first term of our 1:1 ipad programme we take stock of the achievements that has flowed from this educative initiative. As stated in our last correspondence, we are of the opinion that this programme brought to life our Vision Statement; Educating in faith for tomorrow's possibilities. One measure of success in the classroom setting has been student engagement with their learning. By this measure, the iPad Programme has been a phenomenal success in its early stages.


RESPECT is the keyword and a goal of the programme. We are seeking;

Respect for Self,

Respect for Others,

Respect for Learning,

Respect for Technology,

Respect for Home.

The respect that we have been seeking from the students has been evident throughout the school. We are pleased to announce that so far there have been no breakages, missing iPads, students ‘threatened’ to or from school, etc. A by-product of the programme has been the respect that the students are developing for each other. The way they have been working together collaboratively to achieve learning goals has flourished.


We conducted a ‘raise your awareness parents’ through a ThinkYouKnow information session. This very important Cybersafety Information Session took place on Wednesday 10th of September at 6:00pm in the Holy Family Staffroom. It opened our eyes to

practices children undertake and the best way that we can assist to protect our children online and also educate them to do the same.


Traditional Teaching

iPads are complementing the teaching and learning process rather than driving it. Teachers most definitely, continue to be the most relevant resource in our children’s learning. We have actually noticed that student-teacher interaction has increased with the sharing of ideas and processes. The notion of learning how to learn and how to keep learning has become an important skill to give our students, particularly as technology plays an even greater part in life within and beyond the classroom. This has allowed the students to become more responsible for their own learning and articulate how they are learning.



The Apps that we have requested the children to acquire have enabled the students to both research information and present their learning in an exciting manner. The children have seized the initiative, showing ingenuity.


We informed our families that they can use their own initiative to download additional Apps that will benefit our child’s learning. Earlier this term we had Chris Betcher, the 2013 Australian ICT Educator of the Year, visit our school to assist the teachers in classrooms and interact with our students. He did an App Slam with the students. This is where the student were given an opportunity to voluntarily share an App, game, tool, tip, etc with the rest of the class. He said it could be anything at all, just something that they enjoyed using, had learned from, and would like to share with the class. Some of this sharing was very powerful and motivating.


Chris also worked with our students to help them develop the ability to redefine their learning through utilising more than one app in their work. Some of the children have embraced this concept and new depth of knowledge has been evidenced. Again the needs of our students are driving our core business at Holy Family. What is the most exciting part of this? The children are at the wheel!