December 2014

The first six months of the Holy Family 1:1 iPad programme has concluded. A simple summation of the programme is that is has been a very successful endeavour. The students at Holy Family in Years Four to Six have all been involved in the programme. The teachers of these students have noted a significant increase in learning engagement. The acquisition of skills and knowledge has also been very much on the upsurge. This initiative has allowed the students to become more responsible for their own learning and articulate how they are learning. Collaborative Learning is still seen as a vital aspect of 21st Century Learning and it is pleasing to see the children engaging in this. A notable unexpected positive outcome of the iPad Programme is the strengthening of the home and school link, with many students seizing the initiative to continue their learning at home that commenced at school and vice-versa.
Using the Pencil Metaphor below, we truly believe that we are the Sharp Ones.
Children commencing the programme in 2015
The Parents of Year 4 2015 were invited to an iPad information session on Thursday 13 November at 7:00pm in the Year Six Block. This information session informed them of the iPad programme that the children will commence in Term One of 2015. One of the highlights of this session was that one of our students from our Year Six Technology Stewardship group asked to present to the parents. This presentation highlighted the initiative of the student both in his learning but also to his commitment to the iPad programme. This session had teachers and parents presenting to the meeting. It was very exciting to note that the positive vibe of the programme had spread throughout the school and that due to this the meeting was more of how can we make this an easy transition for the students. This was in stark contrast to our initial meeting in 2013, where parents were very emotive both in opposition and support of the 1:1 iPad programme. It was noteworthy that the parents in the group who were involved in the programme through older siblings showed great support for the programme and the teachers involved in it. It was definitely noted that the productivity of 21st Century learning was highly valued by our community.
Return of iPads.
As a vast number of Year Six students have rented the iPads from our school these obviously needed to be returned to the school before the end of the school year.  Year Six had to return their iPads prior to going on Camp. These iPads were wiped ready for the 2015 Year Four students, thus ensuring privacy that protocols are ensured. If a Year Six student has a sibling in Year Four 2015, their iPad were allocated to their sibling, thus negating the need to restore the iPad. Year Four and Five students returned their iPads in Week Nine on Thursday the 11th of December. Students will be reissued with the same iPad in 2015, hence these machines will not need to be reset. The decision to collect all iPads was taken to keep them safe over the holidays and also to reiterate that our iPads are learning devices.
Start of 2015
iPads will be available for collection before the start of the 2015 school year in the week prior to school commencing.  The dates and times for are iPad pick up are;
At this pick up time families will receive a list of apps that will need to be added to your account. As in the past, the amount of apps and the cost will be minimal. You will also receive a commitment form that will need to be completed by your child and yourself.
Financial Matters
In 2015, families will once again have the option to rent an iPad from school 24/7 through an increased ICT Levy. In 2015 all families will pay an ICT Levy of $30.00 per term. Some families will choose to buy their children an iPad outright. This is still certainly welcomed. For those families In Years Four to Six who wish to have access to a school iPad, the ICT levy has been raised by $32 a term to $62.00. At the end of the school leasing period families will have the option of purchasing the iPad at fair market value or simply handing it back in. Please note that the end of this leasing period is June 2016.
We are pleased to note that no iPads have been broken whilst at school. Any iPad damage this year has happened on weekends or holidays breaks at children’s homes. Due to this Holy Family Primary School has been left with no option; - in 2015, if an iPad is damaged at home, parents will need to fully replace the iPad at their cost. If it is damaged at school, parents will be required to pay a $50 replacement fee.
The safety of our children and the security of our children’s device are paramount to us which is why we have incorporated steps to ensure the safety of the device to the best of our abilities. This includes safeguarding that children adhere to the safety standards that we have in place. We are also insisting that all iPads have suitable covers. During the breaks in the day, iPads will be locked away securely.