August 2014

At Holy Family we committed to utilise the iPads as a 1:1 device in Years 4 to 6. However, what of the other years?

Read below to find out how the rest of the school use the school's supply of ipads.



iPads are a part of everyday life in Kindergarten. They are used to document student work, share ideas and make class books. Students independently use the iPads in Literacy and Maths groups. They practice foundational number and literacy skills using apps and apply their skills by taking photos, recording videos and creating images and short sentences about their findings.  


Year One:

We are following on from the Kindergarten skill based focus and continuing to utilise constructive apps, such as Book Creator. In these apps the Year One students are taking photos, importing photos and creating text.

The students have used Art apps to create characters and settings to develop ideas for Imaginative texts.

Year One students are also independently using many instructive apps to build and enhance their learning in the areas of letter recognition, reading, comprehension, handwriting and writing.



Year Two:

We are using iPad's through a variety of subjects. We use different applications for Literacy and Maths rotations, as well as completing research tasks through our Transdisciplinary unit. We are building the children's skill level on constructive apps such as Creative Book Builder. Year Two have also practised how to take and edit photos and videos. Year Two continue to use instructive apps to consolidate reading and writing skills.


Year Three

In Grade Three the iPads are used as:

1. Our primary internet research tool for our transdisciplinary units.

2. Our primary tool for teaching the children to bookmark, save, create, write, publish, record and present work.

3. The children are becoming familiar and confident with the applications on the iPads eg Puppet Pals, Sound Drop, Creative Book Builder and Explain Everything etc.


Grade Three.... totalling 114 students, have the iPads as their primary personal IT/computers resource to use, besides the weekly session in the Computer lab. The iPads are INTEGRAL to our students' education and learning, as we prepare them for the iPad program implemented in Grades 4, 5 and 6 at Holy Family.