August 2013

What’s happened so far?

Parent Information Night

Ipad 1:1 2014 planning committee formed

The iPad 1:1 Planning Committee was formed: Steve Carter (CEO), Anne-Marie Marek (Principal), Lisa Gaynor and Brendan Mowlam (teachers).


Anne-Marie Marek informed the School Board of the 1:1 iPad program. The Board were in favour of the proposal.

Plans were made for our parent information meeting to be held on Tuesday 29th October.

An invitation will be sent to the current Year 4 and 5 students' parents.
Financial support issues and future visits to schools in the Archdiocese already using a 1:1 program will be discussed.


Our iPad story so far

Over the last 2+ years we have had approximately 20 iPads available to use in all classrooms and over the last term each student has had access to an iPad during their weekly Indonesian lesson (16 iPads - one between 2 students). We also have iPads available to the Learning Support team (6). The use of these iPads has been varied, enabling our students to become familiar with educational Apps.

Currently Lisa Gaynor is managing all the iPads, which is an ENORMOUS job. The downloading and updating of Apps and software is time-consuming and at times not possible on our school network.

We have recently purchased another class set of 20 iPads for classroom use. In addition, we have purchased 4 iPads for COOSH, 9 for executive staff and 6 more for general staff usage. Once staffing is organised for 2014, the Year 5 and 6 teachers will be issued with an iPad each. Meetings will be scheduled every fortnight to upskill staff in the manner in which to best utilise iPads in the classroom. It is hoped by providing the staff with their own iPad they will become comfortable with their device & begin to realise its potential as a powerful and exciting tool to support learning.