For the last few years Holy Family has been exploring different models of learning and the use of various technologies to improve and extend student engagement and achievement.

“It is important that we prepare our students for their future, not our past.”

On Tuesday 29 October, 2013 at 7pm, Year 4 and 5 parents were invited to a meeting to hear about our plans to implement a 1-1 iPad program in Years 5 and 6 from 2014. At the meeting Mr Steve Carter (our Technology Consultant from the Catholic Education), Brendan Mowlam, Lisa Gaynor and the Year 4, 5 and 6 teachers outlined how technology has the potential to engage students in ways not previously possible, to improve learning outcomes, to create new learning possibilities and to extend students’ interaction with their local and global communities. In their presentation, they refered to current research.


The model for implementation at that time was Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) and as was outlined at the meeting, we designated an iPad as the device required by all Year 5 and 6 children. The iPad was not required until the beginning of Term 3, 2014.


We acknowledged the work carried out by St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, Bowral. We borrowed heavily from their work. Two teachers visited the school and spoke with the Technology Coordinator who gave permission for Holy Family to use some of their information.


The following information is provided as guide for parents:


Basic specifications:



All students and parents sign a Holy Family iPad user agreement prior to use. This agreement includes information about appropriate use of technology and the internet as well as procedures and rules for care of the iPad.



Several applications (Apps) are needed on the iPads throughout the year. The school issues a list all the required apps throughout year and conducts a number of parent workshops/Bootcamps to assist parents in this area.


The information above is intended to assist parents in understanding what is a minimum requirement for the 1:1 iPad program. Presently there are many offers available from a number of leading outlets and prices are always negotiable. 


As a school we are very aware of the financial burden that this may place on some families and therefore will offer assistance to ensure that all children in Years 5 and 6 have an iPad. For families that rent an iPad through the school there will be an increased ICT levy of $32 per term for children in Years 4, 5 and 6. This is added to the ICT levy that all students pay of $30. In this way students and parents can have use of an iPad 24/7 during the school terms.


Holy Family has made an iPad support website - linked via the Holy Family school website. This has been created as a support for parents. It contains information about our program, research articles, tips & tricks for iPad use, resources, FAQs & tips for parents.