This sacrament is sometimes referred to as Penance or Confession.  It is through this sacrament that we bring children and their families to a fuller understanding of the love, compassion and forgiveness offered by God within a Christian community.  The children will focus on good and not so good choices.  They will consider what the affects of their actions will be on themselves and others. This sacrament is to be celebrated prior to 1st Eucharist (Communion) which is normally prepared for and celebrated in Year 3.  As part of the program of preparation families will be asked to complete a Mass
Activity Sheet on four of the occasions they attend Mass.  During 4th term they will complete an activity book at home.


Children who are baptised Catholic and are in Year 2 or above may be enrolled for this sacrament.  Please provide a copy of the child’s baptism certificate. If your child does not attend a Catholic School they will need to enrol in our Parish School of Religion.