Corpus Christi Parish—Sacramental Policy

Over the last four weeks we have been enrolling children for the sacraments of Confirmation, First Eucharist and

First Reconciliation. This enrolment process closed on Friday 25

newsletters, parish bulletins and in notes which we sent home to parents. These sacraments are important steps

that children take in becoming participants in the Catholic community. This year we have 222 children who are

candidates for Confirmation, 197 for Reconciliation and 186 for First Eucharist. We are called to pray for these

children as they prepare to become people who fully participate in the Catholic community through their

attendance at Sunday Mass and by their willingness to live a life of faith.

Parents need to be aware that the Enrolment Period for 2011 is now closed. Parents who have enrolled their child

should refer to their registration packs to learn when to actually register their child for the appropriate sacramental

celebrations. In 2012 parents of children who are currently enrolled in our Catholic schools or who have celebrated

a previous sacrament will be sent an invitation by the Parish to participate in the sacramental program in school

years 2, 3 or 6. In Year 2 children celebrate Reconciliation, in Year 3 Eucharist and in Year 6 Confirmation. These

invitations will be sent at the beginning of the school year and enrolments will commence at the end of February

2012 and will be finalised by 23

development which will commence at the beginning of 2012 and seek to provide support and encouragement to

young people from the moment they enter school through to its completion at the end of Year 12. We are

pioneering a process which will seek to integrate the good things that happen in school with the faith life of families

and their active involvement in the parish community.

One important change is that the parish will provide notification of the enrolment for the sacraments within school

newsletters. Sacraments are celebrated in the parish community. The parents will receive an invitation to

participate at the beginning of each school year and information will be provided on the parish website and in the

parish newsletter. From 2012 parents will need to make a conscious choice about whether their child is ready to

take on this important faith commitment in their life. This decision should not be driven by peer pressure but from a

genuine desire to live a faith filled life as part of a Catholic community. We will honour whatever choice parents

choose to make. If a child does not make a sacrament at the usual time fresh invitations will be issued to them

during their remaining primary school years.